About us


  • The Association was founded in 1944.
  • The Association currently owns close to 500 properties, mainly in High Wycombe and the surrounding villages. We also have 99 properties in Slough and a limited number in the Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern areas.
  • The Association is the freeholder of a number of leasehold properties in Naphill and provides a management service for the lessees.
  • The Association also owns Speen Shop which it lets at a highly subsidised rent on condition that the premises are used to provide a Post Office and village store.  The net rental proceeds are donated to the village to fund a variety of charitable initiatives.
  • The Association is managed by a voluntary Board of Management.  They set policy and employ staff who implement that policy and run the day to day business.  The Chief Executive provides the main link between the Board, the staff and tenants.
  • In addition to the Board of Management there is the Audit Committee which oversees the Association’s internal controls.  Sub-committees are formed from time to time on an ad-hoc basis.


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