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Reporting Anti-social Behaviour

We are talking here about anything that unreasonably interferes with your normal use and enjoyment of your home. It may be caused intentionally or unintentionally. Certain behaviour must be accepted as a way of life, such as normal cooking smells or babies crying.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your neighbour (e.g. over noise, parking or littering), you should firstly speak to them to try and resolve the issue. They may not have realised that they were causing a problem. It is our experience that many situations can be resolved between neighbours with a degree of compromise and understanding.

If the issues continue, then you should contact us to discuss the matter. We will provide advice on how best to proceed. This advice could include steps you can take (e.g. contacting your local authority noise nuisance team) or things we could do to assist you (e.g. arranging mediation).

If the issues are of a more serious nature, please contact us and we will consider the most appropriate action. Anti-social behaviour is a breach of the tenancy agreement which means in extreme cases, with sufficient evidence, we can take legal action against the offender.

To report any incidents of anti-social behaviour, please contact the Housing Management team on 01494 480340 or email

Criminal offences, such as vandalism, drug dealing or hate crime, should always be reported to the police.