Residents’ Zone

Bucks Housing has an active Residents’ Forum, which is open to all residents to join.  Membership costs £2 per household per year.

Members of the Forum are entitled to:
•    Be entered into a quarterly prize draw
•    Apply for a Residents’ Forum Benevolent Fund grant
•    Receive free second hand furniture from Central Aid
•    Attend an Annual General Meeting, and stand to be elected onto the Management Committee if they wish to do so.

The Residents’ Forum Management Committee meets four times a year and represents the views of our residents.  Committee members receive the same performance statistics as the Board and are invited to feed back any ideas they have as a result of this. They also oversee the administration of the Benevolent Fund grants on an anonymous basis.  Forum members who would like to be considered for a grant should telephone the office.

Residents’ Forum Management Committee members may be contacted by ringing the office, they are: Tara Webb (Chair); Mike Blackwell; Elaine Doel; Roy Head; Chris Hurst;
Patricia Liennard; Wendy Mitchell; David Nursey; Pat Plumridge.


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