Having Your Say

Having Your Say

We believe that meaningful resident consultation and involvement in decision-making makes a positive impact on the quality of services we provide and helps to ensure that those services are appropriate to residents’ needs and aspirations.

We are committed to involving residents in the way their homes are managed and maintained and to consulting residents on matters affecting them. We provide a range of ways that residents can be involved:

Board Membership

A seat on our Board of Management is reserved for one of our tenants. Any tenant is able to apply when a vacancy occurs.

Residents Panel

Our Residents Panel meets quarterly and monitors the Association’s service delivery and performance. Update April 2021 – the Residents Panel is currently suspended due to the difficulties in meeting during the pandemic. We are currently reviewing our arrangements for engaging with residents and will be announcing new initiatives in due course.

Virtual Panel

We recognise that some residents may want to be actively involved but may not wish to, or are unable to, attend meetings. Our ‘Virtual Panel’ enables residents to comment on proposals or on the content and style of draft customer documents.

Residents Associations

We encourage and support residents associations for particular schemes, provided they are properly constituted.

Digital Engagement

We plan to use our website and social media platforms to encourage a two-way flow of information and feedback with residents.

Tenant Feedback

We carry out a Tenants’ Satisfaction Survey every three years. We also survey residents on a continuous basis to gauge how satisfied they are with aspects of our service, including Repairs & Maintenance and our Lettings Service.

Housing Management Visits

We aim to visit all of our housing schemes at least annually and those with communal areas at least calendar monthly. In addition, we aim to visit each of our residents at least every three years. These visits are used to refresh contact details, confirm who is living at the property and to discuss any tenancy and/or rehousing issues.


We consult residents on any proposed change which significantly affects them, including:

  • variations to the terms of their Tenancy Agreement
  • changes to the services we provide, including estate services such as gardening or cleaning
  • proposed improvements to their home.

For more information

Please do contact us if you would like to be more involved in the way your home is managed info@bucksha.co.uk

Find out more by reading our Resident Engagement & Consultation Policy.