Moving On

If you already rent a home from us, and want to move, please speak to your Housing Officer who will be able to explain the possible options.  These are summarised below.  Please note: if you are moving on from one of our properties, there are certain actions you must take to end your tenancy

Mutual Exchange

A mutual exchange is where social housing tenants can swap properties with each other.  More information is available via the Homeswapper website and you can register on the site for free.  We will provide support for tenants who need assistance to use the Homeswapper service.

Transfer within Bucks Housing Association

We hold an internal transfer list for tenants who need to move.  Due to the low number of properties which become empty, we are usually only able to help those with highest priority for a move, including:

  • victims of harassment
  • serious medical conditions where the current accommodation is unsuitable and cannot be adapted to support the needs of the household
  • protracted neighbour complaints where all other intervention has failed
  • to support redevelopment work  
  • to address financial hardship caused by under-occupation, where the move will make best use of our stock.

Register with local authority

We encourage those tenants, who are seeking to move, to join the local authority housing register, for the area they wish to move to, if they are eligible to do so.

Home ownership

For those tenants who may be in a position to buy a property, there are a number of local housing associations providing low cost home ownership options.