Outside Space

Estate inspections

We carry out monthly inspections of all our properties where there are communal areas.  During these inspections, we check the condition of communal areas including issues such as grounds maintenance, rubbish/fly tipping and communal repairs.  We encourage residents to join us on our estate inspections each quarter.  As well as looking at the above issues, you will also have the opportunity to suggest any improvements you’d like to see in your area.

Please click here to view the estate inspection schedule, although please note that these dates may be subject to change in the case of bad weather.  Please contact the Housing Team on 01494 480340 or housing@bucksha.co.uk if you are planning to attend, so that we can confirm the time/date the inspection is going ahead and to make the necessary arrangements. To take part in an estate inspection, you must be a resident of the particular scheme / block.

Grounds maintenance

We want to make sure that the homes we provide are pleasant places to live. We employ grounds maintenance contractors to make sure that the communal open spaces that we own are well maintained. Our contractors are responsible for grass cutting in communal areas, maintaining communal shrub beds and hedges and weeding and moss removal on communal pathways. If you would like information on the agreed specification for your particular area, please contact info@bucksha.co.uk . If you have any concerns about the standard of grounds maintenance in your area, please contact the Housing Team on 01494 480340 or housing@bucksha.co.uk .

We are responsible for maintaining trees in communal areas.

Private gardens

You are responsible for keeping your own garden and outside spaces in a tidy condition. This will include:

  • regularly mowing grassed areas
  • trimming bushes and hedges
  • maintaining trees (see below)
  • keeping paths and driveways clear of weeds
  • keeping spaces clear of rubbish, including health and safety risks such as dog mess, broken glass etc.

Before doing any work to trees, you should make sure that the tree is not subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Where possible, you should engage the services of a professional tree surgeon unless it is safe for you to do the work yourself, for example, cutting off and removing small overhanging branches.

We know that keeping a garden can be a lot of work. For our older residents, Age Concern can provide general garden maintenance but they will make a small charge for this.

You must obtain our permission before erecting any shed or other outbuilding, or doing works such as laying a patio / driveway or digging a pond. If our permission is given, you will be responsible for keeping any such item in good repair.

If you have any concerns about your garden, boundary or dangerous trees, please contact us on 01494 480340 or maintenance@bucksha.co.uk