Paying your rent

Your rent and service charges

Your rent pays for the housing management and repairs services we provide.  The amount of rent you pay depends on the type of tenancy you hold.

We review the majority of our rents each year in April.  Rent increases are worked out according to strict guidance, using a formula set by the Government.  In 2017, the Government announced it would allow social landlords to increase their rents by a maximum of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus 1%, effective from 2020/21 and for the following four years, and this is the formula we use when reviewing the majority of our rents annually.

You may also have to pay a service charge for any services provided by Bucks Housing, such as cleaning communal areas or gardening.  All service charges are based on cost and we consult residents on the services provided.

We send out a Rent Statement every three months.  If you require a copy of your Rent Statement at another time, please contact the office.  

Making payment

We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to pay your rent or service charges. Click here for an explanation of the ways in which you can pay.

Download a copy of our handy rent payment calendar. This will help you to track your payments and ensure you are paying on time.

Click here for the Bucks Housing Rent Payment Dates 2021_22

Click here for the Bucks Housing Rent Payment Dates 2022_23

Difficulties Paying Your Rent

Your rent and service charges must be paid regularly and in advance. This is a condition of your tenancy.   

If you are having difficulty paying your rent, please contact us immediately.  It is important to seek help quickly to avoid debt piling up. If you miss a payment and we have not heard from you, we will contact you.  If you cannot clear the arrears immediately, we can make an agreement with you to pay in instalments.

We will always try to help you, but if you don’t stick to an agreed payment plan or your arrears continue to increase, we will start legal action to have you removed (evicted) from your home.  We cannot evict you without a court order.

Former Bucks Housing tenants

As a Bucks Housing tenant you signed a tenancy agreement and agreed to pay your rent and any service charges regularly.

If you have left your Bucks Housing property, but still owe us money (e.g. for rent or service charge arrears, court costs or a rechargeable repair), you will need to repay this.

Please contact us to arrange payment.  We will accept payment by regular instalments.